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1st BASE Pte Ltd

1st BASE has been serving the research community with a comprehensive range of products and services since 2003. 1st BASE’s expertise includes: DNA sequencing, Fragment Analysis Service, Peptide Synthesis, Antibody Production, Proteomics Services, Biochemicals and Ready-to-Use Buffers as well as newly added services, Next-generation Sequencing and Molecular Biology Services.

1st BASE is committed to bringing quality products to their customers at affordable prices and constantly innovating and improving their processes so that customers get the best products in the shortest time. In the R&D community, 1st BASE is recognized for providing reliable services and quality products. Strict documentation and processes are adhered to for all their products and services. 

You can depend on 1st BASE to meet the rigorous demands of your research work, because 1st BASE understands that quality and consistency is critical for your experiments.

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Abnova is the world's largest antibody and recombinant protein manufacturer. Rather than the traditional method of monoclonal antibody production, Abnova is taking a genomic/proteomic approach for the antibody development.

Abnova is the first biotech company successfully integrated the IT-style management and industrial-scale antibody manufacturing. Abnova's goal is to have at least one antibody to every human expressed gene in the human genome.

Abnova manufactures all products of recombinant proteins and antibodies, in-house in their state-of-the art facility. They have implemented an unique platform for immunizing full-length native proteins to generate MaxPab® polyclonal antibody.

They also have multiple clones for their monoclonal antibodies, of which their access is available to customers and partners from academics, research institutions, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

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Advanced Biotechnologies Inc

Advanced Biotechnologies Inc (ABI) is recognized as The Virology Resource Centre™. ABI specializes in the development and manufacturing of products for the research diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of infectious diseases.

ABI's expertise are HIV, HTLV, HSV, VZV, EBV, CMV, HHV-6, HHV-7, HHV-8, RSV, SIV, Rubella, Influenza, Vaccinia, Chlamydia, Neisseria and Toxoplasma.

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Agilent Genomics

Agilent understands the importance of being your partner in genomic research. By providing a comprehensive suite of high quality genomics arrays, reagents, instruments and software, your work is advanced with flexibility, sensitivity and specificity vital to answering biological questions. Whether you are using gene expression, cloning and quantitative PCR, comparative genomic hybridization to detect copy number variation or selecting for the human exome to sequence regions of interest, Agilent provides the innovation and reliability your research requires.

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Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.

Since 1972, Bethyl has provided quality antibody products and services for both clinical and research applications. We remain committed to manufacturing new and novel antibodies to facilitate and accelerate your discovery based research in cell biology.

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Biochain, Inc

Biochain is a company with integrated tools for drug target validation and diagnostic assay development. Biochain has developed many patented technologies, such as ultraspeed cloning checker, compartment protein isolation, high throughput Western Blot, and integrated bioarray. Biochain also developed technologies for isolating DNA, RNA and protein simultaneously from the same biological sample. Biochain has advanced protein detection by their patented Enhancer for Western Analysis and GEMPLA technology.

Biochain produces more than 300 ready-to-use products for human functional Genomics and Proteomics. Their products come from over 400 sources of human tissue, all with carefully documented clinical histories.

Biochain also recently launched a series of Arrays, which includes cDNA, mRNA, Protein and Tissue Arrays. With integrated product lines such as Biochain's, researchers can obtain Northern Blots, Total RNA, cDNA, protein, or tissue slides all from the same tissue donor.

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Biocolor produces high quality, validated bioanalytical assays, which allow rapid and accurate detection and quantification of numerous chemicals and cell states in mammalian cells, tissues and fluids.

Their products include Apoptosis, Collagen, Glycosaminoglycans and Elastin Assay Kits.

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Biomatrica develops and offers innovative technologies for stabilizing biological materials at room temperature. Biomatrica's stabilization technology allows for storage of samples outside cold environments (4C, -20C, -80C and liquid nitrogen) while preserving sample integrity, thus greatly reducing costs and reliance on maintaining cold conditions during shipment and storage.

Biomatrica has developed a novel core technology designed to prevent the degradation of complex samples, reagents and assays during transport, storage and processing, thus allowing scientists to:

  • obtain more reproducible and reliable experimental results
  • increase efficiency and confidence
  • decrease time needed to obtain results

Their products stabilize nucleic acids and prevent degradation without the need for cold storage. Biomatrica also offers solutions to leverage and complement their stabilization product portfolio.

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Biomedal S. L. is a biotechnology company devoted to the development and commercialization of products and services for life sciences research, and technology for industrial bioprocesses. Their own technology has also allowed improvements in the field of recombinant protein production. They specialise in the following areas: Genetic Engineering, Protein Expression and Purification, Antibodies. Peptides and Proteins and in-vitro Diagnostics. 

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BioPointe Scientific

"The new standard of excellence in the pipette tip industry." With over 50 years experience in manufacturing laboratory consumables, BioPointe Scientific has the knowledge and expertise to provide innovative, state-of-the-art products that are second to none in quality, backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

BioPointe Scientific's precision tips boast of the following features:

  1. Precise Pointe Design, with ultra-thin wall
  2. Super Seal
  3. Low Retention

Filtered formats are also available.

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BioPorto Diagnostics

BioPorto develops and markets antibodies and antibody-based products, including tests to diagnose human disease, both for the benefit of individual patients and to promote efficiency in the health sector.

The Company’s developments include a test (NGAL) to diagnose and monitor acute kidney damage. BioPorto’s strategy is to develop new methods based on its antibody portfolio that can be patented and achieve a wide use in the diagnosis of various diseases.

BioPorto Diagnostics A/S offers the range of antibodies under the AntibodyShop® brand. Focus areas include:

  • Bioactive peptides
  • Complement system and collectins
  • Cell biology

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Cusabio Biotech

CUSABIO BIOTECH Co.,Ltd. is a biotech company that manufactures and sells the highest quality research, reagents and instruments. In collaboration with top level business partners in the fields of molecular biology, immunology, cell biology and IVD, Cusabio provide products and services to a broad range of customers worldwide--from academic and government research institutions; biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies; as well as hospitals, reference laboratories. CUSABIO BIOTECH Co.,Ltd. has formed an extensive Sales and Marketing management network system serving the Life Science researchers and Healthcare professionals.

An important goal is to expedite the genomics and proteomics studies. Every effort will be made to create a user-friendly system of tools for researchers. This approach enables CUSABIO to be the leader in the field of cutting-edge technology and to have a solid communication with the scientific community.

Key products of CUSABIO BIOTECH Co.,Ltd. include ELISA Kits & related products as well as other immunological reagents, such as antibodies.

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Edge BioSystems

EdgeBio is an established research reagents company providing high-quality nucleic acid purification products to the scientific research community. The company's products and services help simplify the complex task of discovery, and make it affordable and fun. In a high-pressure field with so many unknowns, Edge offers customers both peace of mind and a competitive edge.

As a pioneer in DNA sequencing reaction cleanup systems, Edge continues to expand its portfolio with innovative products. They offer high quality Dye Terminator Removal products, High Throughput PCR Purification products, Sample Preparation systems and Bacterial Competent Cells.

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Found in 2006, Enzymatics is an independent, ISO 13485:2003 certified OEM manufacturer of enzymes that brings to the marketplace a unique, quality oriented, and customer focused approach to protein production. Operating from the perspective that they are a manufacturing division of their customer, Enzymatics consistently delivers the highest quality and value enzymes. 

Performance Enhancing Quality

The quest to deliver enzymes of standard-shifting quality is the reason the company was formed. They have a proven track record of providing materials to clients that enhance the performance of the processes in which they are incorporated.  

Superior Quality Control Metrics

Enzymatics has developed and applied industry-leading approaches to understanding enzyme quality that far surpass previous standards. They apply highly sensitive and proprietary testing to their enzymes prior to release of materials to customers.

Groundbreaking Pricing

From inception Enzymatics has utilized our extensive experience and know-how in enzyme production along with advances in technology to design processes that yield the ultimate in efficiency. The result is high product yield at low cost of goods. Their state-of-the-art processes far exceed that of other suppliers who utilize older processes that have evolved or been re-engineered over decades. Enzymatics simply created the most effective processes from the start.

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ESI BIO's mission is to be their customer's trusted partner in translating scientific discoveries to the clinic. They do this by providing breakthrough stem cell technologies as research grade and therapeutic grade products, lighting the path from research to the clinic in order to help their customers with their goal of treating disease. 

A rich history with multiple locations, shared resources and shared goals. ESI BIO has been built upon a rich legacy of innovation and scientific firsts. They were established in Singapore as ES Cell International in 2000 where they made history by manufacturing the first translatable clinical grade embryonic stem cell lines for distribution to the international research community.

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Favorgen has been providing researchers with high-quality molecular biology products and clinical chemical reagents at highly competitive prices made possible by their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Favorgen is also committed to developing research, both in-house and through collaboration with academic and industrial partners, in order to keep offering high-quality, innovative products.

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Geneaid Biotech Ltd

Founded in Taiwan in 2002, Geneaid is a professional manufacturer and provider of nucleic acid purification kits, and innovative products including animal, plant, microbe, viral genetic DNA/RNA purification kit.

Through the years, Geneaid has expanded its product offering to include Magbead Extraction Kit, High-Throughput DNA and PCR Purification Products, DNA Sequencing Reaction Cleanup Kit.

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GeneTex, Inc started operations in early 1997, founded by 3 internationally known scientists with recognised expertise in oncology and infectious diseases. The initial focus was on a portfolio of reagents that met the needs of researchers working to find out what causes cancer, how it can be better diagnosed and related studies. They have since added tools for scientists studying basic mechanism common to many forms of cancer; tools such as immunological reagents used to study specific proteins and events involved in the regulation of the cell cycle and DNA repair and replication. 

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Gold Biotechnology

Established in 1986, Gold Biotechnology has been at the forefront of bringing high quality, affordable chemicals and lab supplies to the scientific community worldwide.

GBT’s goal is to make job easier by providing customers with the prompt and courteous service.

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Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) was founded as a biotechnology research company in 1987 in Coralville, Iowa. Since then, IDT has been a major force in advancing biological research, both as a leading supplier of custom oligonucleotides and genes, and as a developer of innovative new technologies. 

IDT is the largest supplier of custom nucleic acids in the world. Scientists select IDT as their supplier of choice for quality, service, and price. IDT’s products support a wide range of applications including DNA sequencing, DNA amplification (PCR), expression profiling, microarray analysis, mutagenesis, SNP detection, gene quantification, and functional genomics. Over 77,000 customers worldwide trust IDT for dependable products of the highest quality.

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J R Scientific

J R Scientific is a pioneer in the manufacture of classical and custom cell culture media and sera products on a direct basis and under special OEM contracts with other suppliers. J R Scientific, Inc. was the first to provide the industry with large-scale powdered media, low protein serum-free hybridoma and insect cell culture media, and bulk liquid media transfer systems.

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Kapa Biosystems

Kapa Biosystems was founded in 2006 to develop next-generation molecular engineering technologies. Their directed evolution technology platform is currently being used to optimize enzymes for DNA amplification, next-gen sequencing, and molecular diagnostic applications.

Kapa Biosystems' technology platform transforms wild-type enzymes into engineered enzymes through a process of high-throughput molecular evolution. Their high-throughput molecular evolution platform allows them to engineer and tailor enzymes for specific applications.Next-generation PCR is defined as the shift from generalist wild-type enzymes toward designer specialist enzymes. This transition is enabled by Kapa Biosystems’ powerful protein engineering platform.

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Lifeline Cell Technology


Lifeline Cell Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO). They supply pharmaceuticals, academic and government scientists with high-quality human primary cells, stem cells, media and reagents back by over 20 years combined experience in research, development, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and sales for human cell culture products.

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Lonza provides the tools life-science researchers need to discover biological pathways and to develop and test therapeutics. An industry leader in electrophoresis technologies, cell-based research tools, and endotoxin detection, look out for their primary brands that include BioWhittaker™, Clonetics™, FlashGel™, MycoAlert™, NuSieve™, MetaPhor™, Nucleofection ™, PAGEr™, Poietics™, SeaKem™ and StellARray™.

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Meridian Life Science

Through their product brands, BIODESIGN International and Viral Antigens, Meridian Life Science is a high quality supplier of antigens, antibodies, assay development reagents, viral proteins and immunoglobulins. Their antigens and antibodies are used by researchers and diagnosis companies in assay development.

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MO BIO Laboratories

MO BIO Laboratories offer innovative tools for researchers in molecular biology. MO BIO specializes in nucleic acid isolation and purification from a variety of sample sources such as plasmid, soil, plant, blood, serum, tissue, mouse tails, water and others.

MO BIO's PowerMAX DNA Isolation Kits and their RNA PowerSoil Kits are among the most unique and innovative products in the biotech marketplace today. Effectively removing humic acid inhibitors of PCR present in soil samples. MO BIO's line of soil and microbial isolation kits are now the method of choice among environmental and microbiology researchers studying microbial DNA in soil samples.

MO BIO is also proud to have introduced some of the fastest kits on the market for DNA isolation and purification. They offer the UltraClean 6 Minute Plasmid Mini Prep, the UltraClean PCR Clean-up Kit (only 3 minutes per reaction), and the UltraClean GelSpin Kit (only 5 minutes per reaction).

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Nacalai Tesque, Inc

Nacalai Tesque has a long history of more than 160 years. It started as traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine manufacturer. Nacalai Tesque now focus on Life Science products. Nacalai Tesque’s products are not only used in Japan, but in universities, research facilities, and companies all over the world, especially in the fields of bio- and nanotechnology, the development of new drugs and materials, and in environmental analysis.

Our products are of integral importance. As a trusted company of such a long history Nacalai Tesque has the responsibility to continuously improving services for present and new research areas. Nacalai Tesque is well equipped to do what they have always been doing: providing highest quality products for leading-edge research and business.

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Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd

Origen Laboratories provides laboratory services and solutions from sample preparation through to data analysis to academic researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The first authorized Affymetrix® service provider in South East Asia with extensive experience in the use and design of microarray studies for gene expression and genotyping.

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Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc

Leading worldwide source for research antibody and siRNA products.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. is focused on the ongoing development of research antibodies. Its goal is to continue to offer the broadest range of research reagents in the field.

Santa Cruz provide superior, innovative primary antibodies and support products and has the highest commitment to quality and customer service.

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Signalway Antibody Co., Ltd

Signalway Antibody Co.,Ltd (SAB) is a premier biotechnological company that develops and manufactures rabbit polyclonal and mouse monoclonal antibodies specific to phosphorylated proteins and innovative tools for studying protein phosphorylation in cell signal transduction and cell functions.

SAB has the state-of-the-art facilities, including Antibody Production Systems and Antibody Purification Systems.

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Zen-Bio, Inc. (ZB) is a leading provider of research tools for the study of human metabolic disease. The company, founded in 1995, performs contract research for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world.

The company pioneered tissue engineering with adult adipose-derived stem cells and is currently researching the role obesity plays in the development and on-set of metabolic disease.

ZB's mission is to provide the highest quality cell, reagents and contract services to the biomedical research community; to develop and commercialize research tools and to leverage our expertise in this field into successful treatments for metabolic diseases through research and development strategic alliances.

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ZyGEM™ Corporation Limited is a rapidly growing biotechnology company with innovative enzyme-based products and technologies developed from our exclusive collection of microorganisms from extreme environments.

The ZyGEM brand, which includes prepGEM™ and forensicGEM™ family of products, enables DNA extraction from diverse sample types for simple, accurate and rapid human and animal DNA testing. Our products provide significant advantages in ease-of-use and workflow over existing methods. This allows us to better serve life sciences customers in basic research, forensics, livestock and agriculture.

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Modern medical research has lead to a continuous growth in understanding of pathological aberrations. This understanding is the basis of the development of innovative diagnostic products with prognostic, predicative and therapeutic value by ZytoVision®.

ZytoLight ® products for Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) are designed for the identification of genetic aberrations e.g. translocations, deletions, amplifications, and chromosomal aneuploidies associated with tumors and genetic diseases.

ZytoDot ® products for Chromogenic in situ Hybridization (CISH) are designed for the detection of aneuploidies and gene amplifications associated with tumors and genetic diseases using an IHC-like procedure and light microscopy. ZytoFast ® products for Chromogenic in situ Hybridization (CISH) are designed for the detection and discrimination of human pathogen viruses e.g. HPV, EBV, CMV and the determination of lymphocyte clonality by detecting Ig-κ and Ig-λ light chain RNA.

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