Who We Are

PT. Genetika Science is a distributor of Biomedical Science & Life Science research products in Indonesia and its surrounding region.

We act as a bridge for the research community in Indonesia with the manufacturers and service providers elsewhere.


What We Distribute

We currently represent a mixture of well-established, trusted brands in life science research, as well as some new companies with fresh and exciting products in their pipeline. These include:


Molecular Biology Kits & Reagents

We market a wide range of established, innovative, high quality and competitively priced kits & reagents for research. These includes restriction, modifying & thermostable enzymes, nucleotides, PCR related products, research grade biochemicals, nucleic acid extraction & purification kits, RNA/cDNA/Genomic libraries, arrays & panels.

Immunology/Antibodies/ELISA Kits

We have a broad range of products dedicated to customers looking into immunology research. These includes primary and secondary antibodies (both monoclonals & polyclonals; multi-epitopes), conjugates, animal sera, cytokines, growth factors, complete ELISA kits and other immunology related products.


We focus on the essentials and the unique products that are required for day to day research. Among them are plasticwares that are beyond the common tubes & tips, small automation equipment that simplify and saves time for you to do other things that is required in your research journey.

Custom Services & Products

Through our affiliated company 1st BASE Pte Ltd, we offer Custom DNA Synthesis, Gene Synthesis, Custom DNA Sequencing, Peptide Synthesis, Custom Antibody Production, Proteomics Services and many more. Your service provider is just around the corner. Turnaround time is fast.