Product Listing

Product Description Brand
1st BASE Biochemicals and Buffers 1st BASE Pte Ltd
2100 Bioanalyzer & 2200 TapeStation Agilent Genomics
96-well Dye Remover Favorgen
Accessory Kits Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Advanced skin test products Lifeline Cell Technology
Analytical kits Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Animal Sera Meridian Life Science
Antibodies Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Antibodies Biomedal
Antibody Production 1st BASE Pte Ltd
APC-PCI ELISA Kit BioPorto Diagnostics
Apoptosis & Signal Transduction Meridian Life Science
Apoptosis Assay Kits Cusabio Biotech
Assay Detection and Misc. Reagents Meridian Life Science
Autoimmune Reagents Meridian Life Science
Automation Solutions Agilent Genomics
Bacteria CloneStab™ Biomatrica
Bacteria CloneStable® Biomatrica
Bacterial Competent Cells (Acella™, Ultra BL21(DE3), EB5Alpha, ElectroEB10B) Edge BioSystems
Bioassays Lonza
Bioinformatics Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd
Biomarkers Abnova
Blood Products Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
Bone and Calcium Metabolism Meridian Life Science
Calf Serum Zen-Bio
Cancer Research Meridian Life Science
Cardiac Markers Meridian Life Science
CD Markers Meridian Life Science
cDNA and Protein Panels Biochain, Inc
Cell / Tissue Derived Products Zen-Bio
Cell and Tissue Lysates GeneTex
Cell biology BioPorto Diagnostics
Cell culture media Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Chimera RNA interference (chimera RNAi) Abnova
Coagulation BioPorto Diagnostics
Collagen and Extracellular Matrix Meridian Life Science
Collectins and related products BioPorto Diagnostics
Complement BioPorto Diagnostics
Corneal Epithelial cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Cosmeceutical Research Kits Zen-Bio
Cryopreservation Solutions Lifeline Cell Technology
Custom products and services Lifeline Cell Technology
Cytokines and Growth Factors Meridian Life Science
Cytokines and hormones BioPorto Diagnostics
Cytoskeletal Filaments and Interstitial Proteins Meridian Life Science
D-Luciferin Gold Biotechnology
DNA / Protein molecular weight markers Geneaid Biotech Ltd
DNA Controls Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
DNA Fragment Purification Favorgen
DNA Purification and Gel Extraction Kits MO BIO Laboratories
DNA Sequencing 1st BASE Pte Ltd
DNA Synthesis (Tubes/Plates) Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
DNA/RNA extraction kits Geneaid Biotech Ltd
DNAgard® Blood Biomatrica
DNAgard® Tissues & Cells Biomatrica
DNAstable® Blood Biomatrica
DNAstable®/LD Biomatrica
Drug Antibodies Meridian Life Science
DTT Gold Biotechnology
Dye Terminator Removal (PERFORMA® DTR, AutoDTR™ 384, MagDTR™, Sequencing Buffers) Edge BioSystems
Electrophoresis and analysis Lonza
ELISA / Assay Kits Cusabio Biotech
ELISA & IFA Kits Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
ELISA Quantification Kits Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Endothelial cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Enzymes Meridian Life Science
Enzymes Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Enzymes BioPorto Diagnostics
Epitope Tag Antibody – Detection of Tag-fusion proteins Nacalai Tesque, Inc
EtBr Destroyer Favorgen
Fetal Bovine sera J R Scientific
Fetal Bovine Serum Zen-Bio
Fibroblast systems / stem cell products Lifeline Cell Technology
Filtered Tips BioPointe Scientific
Fine chemicals and research chemicals Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Flow Cytometry Isotypic Controls & Blood Lysing Kit Meridian Life Science
forensicGEM – Blood, Blood Storage Card, Cigarette, Saliva, Saliva Storage Card, Tissue ZyGEM
Fragment Analysis Service 1st BASE Pte Ltd
Gc-globulin (Actin-free) ELISA Kit BioPorto Diagnostics
Gene Expression Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd
Gene expression systems Lonza
Gene Synthesis Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Genes Cusabio Biotech
Genomic DNA Extraction Favorgen
Genomic DNA Isolation Kits MO BIO Laboratories
Genotyping Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd
Hormones and Steroids Meridian Life Science
HPLC and capillary columns Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Human anti-GSTT1 ELISA Biomedal
Human Cells (Subcutaneous Preadipocytes & Adipocytes, Visceral Preadipocyte & Adipocytes, Hepatocytes, Skeletal Muscle, Adult Stem Cells, Fibroblasts, Keratinocytes, Mesothelial, 3T3L1 (mouse) ) Zen-Bio
Immunoglobulin G Signalway Antibody Co., Ltd
Immunoglobulins, Animals Meridian Life Science
Immunoglobulins, Humans Meridian Life Science
Infectious Disease Antibodies Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
Infectious Disease Antigens Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
Infectious Diseases and Toxins Meridian Life Science
IPTG Gold Biotechnology
KAPA Blood PCR Kits Kapa Biosystems
KAPA dNTPs Kapa Biosystems
KAPA Rapid Ligation System Kapa Biosystems
KAPA SYBR FAST qPCR Kits Kapa Biosystems
KAPA T4 DNA Ligase Kapa Biosystems
KAPA2G Fast DNA Polymerase Kapa Biosystems
KAPA2G Fast HotStart Kapa Biosystems
KAPA2G Robust DNA Polymerase Kapa Biosystems
KAPA2G Robust HotStart Kapa Biosystems
KAPAHiFi DNA Polymerase Kapa Biosystems
KAPAHiFi HotStart DNA Polymerase Kapa Biosystems
KAPALongRange Kapa Biosystems
KAPATaq DNA Polymerase Kapa Biosystems
KAPATaq HotStart Kapa Biosystems
KAPATaq ReadyMix Kapa Biosystems
Keratinocyte systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Kits and other related products Biochain, Inc
Lipoproteins Meridian Life Science
livestockGEM – Blood, Blood Storage Card, Ear Punch ZyGEM
Lysates/Slides Abnova
Magbead Geneaid Biotech Ltd
Major Histocompatibility Antibodies Meridian Life Science
Marker molecules BioPorto Diagnostics
MaxPab® Polyclonal Antibodies Abnova
MBL Oligomer ELISA Kit BioPorto Diagnostics
Media (Cell Culture, Classical Media / Reagents) Zen-Bio
Media, reagents and sera Lonza
Melanocyte cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Metabolic Disease Research Kits Zen-Bio
Microarray Agilent Genomics
Microbial Culture Media MO BIO Laboratories
Microbiology BioPorto Diagnostics
Miscellaneous BioPorto Diagnostics
Molecular Biology Reagents 1st BASE Pte Ltd
Monoclonal Antibodies Abnova
Monoclonal Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Mutagenesis & Cloning Agilent Genomics
Mycoplasma detection Lonza
Native & Recombinant Viral Proteins Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
Native and Recombinant Antigens Meridian Life Science
Native and Recombinant Protein Cusabio Biotech
Neuroscience Reagents Meridian Life Science
NGAL ELISA Kits BioPorto Diagnostics
Northern and Western Blot products Biochain, Inc
Nucleic Acids (dNTPs, ATP solution) Enzymatics
Oligo Modifications Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Oligos Biomedal
Oncology BioPorto Diagnostics
Other blood proteins BioPorto Diagnostics
Other Reagents, such as Agarose, Water, Ethidium Bromide Destaining Tea Bags, etc MO BIO Laboratories
Other Ultra Pure Enzymes Enzymatics
Others Cusabio Biotech
PCR Purification (QuickStep™ 2 PCR Purification Systems, ExcelaPure™ UF PCR Purification System, PurElute™ GX DNA Gel Extraction & Cleanup Kit) Edge BioSystems
PCR Solutions Agilent Genomics
PCR/RT-PCR Geneaid Biotech Ltd
PCRboost® Biomatrica
Peptide Synthesis 1st BASE Pte Ltd
Peptides and Proteins Biomedal
Phospho-Specific Antibodies Signalway Antibody Co., Ltd
Pipette Tips BioPointe Scientific
Plasmid DNA Extraction Favorgen
Plasmid DNA Isolation Kits MO BIO Laboratories
Plastic Consumables Favorgen
Platelets and Hemostasis Reagents Meridian Life Science
Polyclonal Antibodies Abnova
Polyclonal Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Polyclonal Antibody Specialists Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
PowerPlant™ Plant DNA Isolation Kit MO BIO Laboratories
PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kits MO BIO Laboratories
prepGEM – Bacteria, Blood, Blood Storage Card, Fungi, Insect, Saliva, Saliva Storage Card, Tissue ZyGEM
Primary Antibodies Cusabio Biotech
Primary Antibodies GeneTex
Primary cells and media Lonza
PrimeTime qPCR Assays and Probes Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
Prostate cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Protein Expression and Purification Biomedal
Proteins Biochain, Inc
Proteins Abnova
Proteins and Bioactive Peptides Meridian Life Science
Proteins/Peptides GeneTex
Proteomics Services 1st BASE Pte Ltd
Pulmonary cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Purified Igs Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Purified Viruses, Pelleted Viruses & Viral Lysates Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
qPCR Systems & qPCR Reagents Agilent Genomics
Quantitative PCR / RT-PCR Geneaid Biotech Ltd
Reagents Biomedal
ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Renal cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Research Reagents and Kits GeneTex
RNA Extraction Favorgen
RNA Isolation Kits MO BIO Laboratories
RNA products Lifeline Cell Technology
RNA Synthesis (Tubes/Plates) Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
RNA, cDNA, Protein and Tissue Arrays Biochain, Inc
RNAconcentrator™ Biomatrica
RNAGEM – Extraction of RNA from mammalian cell culture ZyGEM
RNAi Synthesis (Custom or Pre-designed Dicer-substrate siRNAs, TriFECTa kit) Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
RNAstable Biomatrica
Sample Preparation Products (PERFORMA® Spin Columns, PurElute™ Bacterial Genomic Kit, PurElute™ Plasmid Miniprep Kit, PurElute™ IEX Plasmid Kits,SeqPrep™ Systems,FosPrep™ Systems, Precipitation Reagents) Edge BioSystems
SampleWare® 3.1 Biomatrica
Secondary Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Secondary Antibodies Cusabio Biotech
Secondary Antibodies GeneTex
Secondary Antibody Signalway Antibody Co., Ltd
Secondary Detection Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Sera and Antigens BioPorto Diagnostics
Serum Products GeneTex
Serum Reference Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
ShRNA Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Signal Enhancer Hikari - Signal Enhancer for Western Blotting and ELISA Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Signal Enhancer Hikari for Immunostain – Detect protein of interest with Immunostain procedures Nacalai Tesque, Inc
SiRNA Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Slides GeneTex
Smooth muscle cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Soil DNA Isolation Mini Kit Favorgen
Speciality Chemicals and Bioreagents Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Stem Cell Systems, Human Lifeline Cell Technology
Stem Cell Systems, Non Human Lifeline Cell Technology
Stool DNA Isolation Mini Kit Favorgen
Strains Biomedal
STRBoost™ Biomatrica
Subculture reagents Lifeline Cell Technology
Support Products Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
SureFISH Agilent Genomics
SureSelect and HaloPlex NGS Target Enrichment Agilent Genomics
T-Cell Receptors Meridian Life Science
Taq Antibody Signalway Antibody Co., Ltd
Technology Access Program Origen Laboratories Pte Ltd
Tissue Selection Slides Biochain, Inc
Total RNA and mRNA Biochain, Inc
Toxins Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Transfection Lonza
Ultra Pure Ligases Enzymatics
Ultra Pure Polymerases Enzymatics
UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit MO BIO Laboratories
Universal Reference Products Biochain, Inc
Vectors Biomedal
Veterinary Kits Meridian Life Science
X-Gal Gold Biotechnology
X-Gluc Gold Biotechnology
ZytoDot® CISH ZytoVision
ZytoFast® CISH ZytoVision
ZytoLight® FISH ZytoVision