Product Spotlights

Fetal Bovine sera


Manufacturer: J R Scientific


US Origin Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is the most widely used FBS in the world. Although US Origin FBS is considered the world’s standard for quality it is never the less becoming a lower standard in the view of the OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) and other regulatory bodies. On a scale of 1-4 for geographical BSE risk (GBR), with 1 being the lowest risk and 4 being the highest risk, US FBS ranks a 3 – demonstrating a moderate to high risk that BSE exists in the USA. US Origin FBS provided by J R Scientific is of the highest quality available in the USA. It is collected using state of the art aseptic collection techniques resulting in low endotoxin and hemoglobin concentrations. 

Finished Product Specifications



Endotoxin (Limulus Amebocyte Lysate – Gel Clot)

≤ 10 EU / ml

Hemoglobin (spectrophotometric)

≤ 20 mg / dl

Sterility Testing (current USP) for Bacteria and Fungi

Negative for growth

Virus Testing- Modified 9CFR


Flourescent Antibody



Not Detected

Bovine Adenovirus

Not Detected

Bovine Parvovirus

Not Detected

Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Not Detected

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus

Not Detected


Not Detected


Not Detected

Cytopathogenic Agents (IBR)

Not Detected

Hemadsorbing Agents (PI3)

Not Detected



Large Volume, Direct Culture

Not Detected



Catalog number

Fetal Bovine Serum U.S Origin Premium (500ml)


Fetal Bovine Serum U.S.D.A Premium (500ml)


Fetal Bovine Serum N.Z Premium (500ml)


Fetal Bovine Serum AU Premium (500ml)


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Epitope Tag Antibody – Detection of Tag-fusion proteins


Manufacturer: Nacalai Tesque, Inc


Nacalai Tesque carries an impressive variety of antibodies.Apart from a wide range of secondary antibodies, recently tag antibodies are developed in increased numbers. Currently available tagged antibody types are: GFP, c-Myc, His, V5, GST. Most of these types are available in POD coupled form as well. Uniquely, GFP (Rat IgG2a) is suitable for immunohistochemical detection!

Feature / Benefits: 

  • Immunohistochemical application
  • Rat monoclonal antibody


Product name



Code No.


Anti-GFP (Rat IgG2a), Monoclonal (GF090R)







Anti-c-Myc (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (MC045)







Anti-GFP (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (GF200)







Anti-GST (Mouse IgG2a-κ), Monoclonal (GS019)







Anti-V5 (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (V5005)







Anti-6xHis (Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal (HI192)







Signal Enhancer Hikari - Signal Enhancer for Western Blotting and ELISA


Manufacturer: Nacalai Tesque, Inc


Signal Enhancer HIKARI resolve the problems of low sensitivity and high background often encountered during procedures such as Western blotting and ELISA. Witness a more effective assay with Signal HIKARI instead of conventional diluents such as PBS and TBS to detect the protein of interest.


  • Enhances antigen-antibody reactions 
  • Reduces background 
  • Works with any substrate 
  • Ready-to-use reagent 

Ordering information

Product name Kit Contents Grade Storage Product No. PKG Size
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting and ELISA

Solution A for primary antibodies

Solution B for secondary antibodies

SP 4°C 02267-41 1set
(50ml each)
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting and ELISA Solution A 02272-74 250ml
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting and ELISA Solution B 02297-64 250ml
Detection enhancement of Rac1 with treatment of HIKARI in Western blotting
Treatment with Signal Enhancer HIKARI resulted in clear signal, whereas dilution with conventional PBS-T resulted in no signal.


Signal Enhancer Hikari for Immunostain – Detect protein of interest with Immunostain procedures


Manufacturer: Nacalai Tesque, Inc


Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain resolves the problems of low sensitivity and high background often encountered during immunostain procedures. Signal Enhancer HIKARI produces a significant increase in the ability to detect protein of interest and eliminate unwanted background.

Feature / Benefits:

  • Enhances signals 
  • Reduces background
  • Ready-to-use reagent
  • Works with any system - applicable to colorimetric, chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection

Specifications: Product information

Product Name Product Number PKG Size
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Trial Set* 02363-71 1 set (5 ml each)
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Solution A 02373-54 20ml
Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Solution B 02375-34 20ml

*Note: Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Immunostain Solution A and B exhibit different enhancing effects, depending on antigens and antibodies. These solutions can be used independently and a Trial set is available to help researchers select the suitable solution for their use.

Brain tissue section was stained with secondary antibody conjugated with AF555 (red) and counter stained with Hoechst dye (blue).


RNAGEM – Extraction of RNA from mammalian cell culture


Manufacturer: ZyGEM


RNAGem™ tissue RNA extraction kits feature a new formulation of enzymatic technologies that uses a single-tube process to provide complete extraction of RNA. This includes smaller RNA molecules such as noncoding RNA and microRNA that may be excluded by other RNA extraction methods. The RNAGem kits deliver high molecular weight RNA and good transcriptome profiles. They are suitable for complete gene-expression and noncoding RNA analyses.

Feature / Benefits:

  • Takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish, including handling time
  • Requires a single 5 minute incubation
  • Does not use GITC, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol
  • Delivers linear yields of total Nucleic Acid from 1 to 105 cells
  • Delivers linearity that is matched between high and low copy genes
  • Does not discriminate RNA molecules based on size

Kit Components of RNAGEM™ Tissue

  • RNAGEM enzyme
  • 10 x SILVER buffer
  • 10 x TE storage buffer
  • QuickStart Guide


DNAgard® Tissues & Cells


Manufacturer: Biomatrica


DNAgard® Tissues & Cells - Stabilize DNA in tissue for at least 2 months at ambient temperature

DNAgard is a new Biomatrica product for the preservation and storage of DNA in tissues and cell culture lines at room temperature. DNAgard is an aqueous, non-toxic tissue and cell storage solution that permeates cells and stabilizes intracellular DNA in unfrozen samples. A unique dry-down feature allows extended storage time for one year at room temperature. Extraction by standard techniques yields high quality DNA ready for all downstream analyses.

Technology Overview:


Features & Benefits

Shipping at room temperature 

  • No dry ice required
  • Reduced shipping cost
  • Avoid temperature fluctuations

Ideal for field collection and tissue harvesting 

Optional dry-down feature allowing longer term storage 

Compatible with all downstream applications 

Find out more on DNAgard® Tissues & Cells and other products from Biomatrica here.

Speciality Chemicals and Bioreagents


Manufacturer: Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc



Universal Reference Products


Manufacturer: Biochain, Inc


Universal Total RNA, cDNA and Total Protein

  • From Human, Dog, Monkey, Mouse, Rat, and Chicken
  • Male and Female Adults from Each Species
  • Broad Representation of Genes and Proteins



  • Made from very diversified tissues for broad gene / protein coverage
  • Industrial production scale to minimize lot-to-lot variation
  • High quality without contamination

Universal Reference Products

Search online to view BioChain’s comprehensive range of Universal Reference Products.

Search for “Universal ” @ 


MaxPab® Polyclonal Antibodies


Manufacturer: Abnova


MaxPab® is a new collection of polyclonal antibodies generated from annotated, sequence verified full-length proteins. Each MaxPab® antibody is validated with a full-length human protein expressed from a mammalian transfected lysate, demonstrating high reactivity, sensitivity and specificity. In addition, MaxPab® antibody has the ability to recognize both linear and conformational protein epitopes for maximum antibody performance!



  • Made from full-length proteins
  • QC using mammalian overexpression lysate
  • Ideal detection antibody for ELISA pair study
  • Antibody control for siRNA knock-down
  • Useful for IHC and IF (purification required)

MaxPab® Schedule:

  • Gene coverage for the entire human genome
  • Over 5,000 MaxPab® for year 2008

MaxPab® Applications:

"Like a butterfly in nature, transform your research with MaxPab®"



Please log on to for complete list of MaxPab® Polyclonal Antibodies

ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents


Manufacturer: Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. 

ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents provide an improved method for the detection of immunoprecipitated proteins assayed via Western Blot



Your standard protocol for Immunoprecipitation will work with ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents.

Seamless integration into existing IP/Western Blot procedures with THREE SIMPLE CHANGES!



For Western Blotting, use ReliaBLOT® Reagents as outlined below:




  • Effective: Dramatically reduces the usual noise of heavy chain observed when doing Western Blotting of IP.
  • Sensitive: Low levels - traditionally obscured by the Ig heavy chain - can now be observed.
  • Simple: No changes to your existing optimized IP protocols.
  • Compatible: Works well when using Protein-A or Protein-G for IP.
  • Time Saving: No crosslinking required.
  • Optimized: For use with antibodies raised in rabbits. Mouse and goat reagents coming soon.
  • Reliable: Beta testers say their blots with ReliaBLOT® are so clean that they use it for all targets regardless of the target's MW.




WB120 ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents 20 miniblots
WB120T ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Reagents 5 miniblots


PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kits


Manufacturer: MO BIO Laboratories



MO BIO is the world’s leading provider of Soil DNA and RNA isolation kits.


MO BIO's UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit is a huge success and has become the method of choice among researchers around the world studying microbial organisms in soil


PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit is MO BIO's next generation soil DNA kit. The kit is intended for use with environmental samples containing a high humic acid contentincluding difficult soil types such as compost, sediment, and manure. Other more common soil types have also been used successfully with this kit.


The PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit distinguishes itself from UltraClean™ Soil DNA Isolation Kit with a NEW humic substance/brown color removal procedure. This new procedure is effective at removing PCR inhibitors from even the most difficult soil types.


The isolated DNA has a high level of purity allowing for more successful PCR amplification of organisms from the sample. PCR analysis has been performed to detect a variety of organisms including bacteria (e.g. Bacillus subtilisBacillus anthracis), fungi (e.g. yeasts, molds), algae, and actinomycetes (e.g. Streptomyces)

Environmental samples are added to a bead beating tube for rapid and thorough homogenization. Cell lysis occurs by mechanical and chemical methods. Total genomic DNA is captured on a silica membrane in a spin column format. DNA is then washed and eluted from the spin column. DNA is ready for PCR analysis and other downstream applications.

For more details visit MO BIO PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit

MO BIO soil kits are widely used by the USEPA, USDA, FBI and CDC for soil analysis



  • More Soil: process up to 10g of soil in less than 90 minutes
  • More Sample Types: PCR quality DNA from compost, sediment and manure
  • More PCR Results: means better representation of soil microbial diversity
  • More User-Friendly: safe and convenient method

The difference is clear!

The PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit is More Effective for Community Analysis by PCR

Notes: Only DNA isolated with PowerSoil yielded a PCR product for Landfill samples (lanes 1 and 2), Lake Sediment (lane 6) and Mulch Topsoil (lane 9). DNA isolated using other supplier kits failed to amplify products for these samples, most likely due to high levels of humic acid substances remaining in the final DNA eluate.


Positive PCR amplification using PowerSoil was observed with 100% of the samples. PCR analysis resulted in only 44% positive amplification with supplier kits tested.



12888-50 PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit 50 preps
12888-100 PowerSoil™ DNA Isolation Kit 100 preps


Also available in 96 Well Format